A closer look at Hamburg’s Fintechs

We have profiled all of the Fintech companies registered with us across all 12 categories.

  • Alle
  • Analytics & Research
  • Assistants & Self-Service
  • Association
  • Banking
  • Comparison Sites
  • Coworking Space
  • Credit & Factoring
  • Crowd Investing
  • Crypto Trading
  • Event
  • Innovation Lab
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Payments
  • Research
  • Savings
  • Trade Finance
This category contains all Hamburg Fintechs whose business model is based on capturing and analysing data; it also includes artificial intelligence and machine learning.
The assistance & self-service category is for all Hamburg Fintechs working on simplifying and improving everyday financial activities.
In the category "Association" you will find different kind of associations that take care of the needs of fintechs in Hamburg.
This category is for all the Hamburg Fintechs concentrating on digital account services and personal financial management.
The comparison category is for Fintechs creating and providing platforms on which financial services – particularly loans and investments – can be easily compared.
A coworking space is a place where you can work, ideally embedded in a community from which you - whether as a freelancer or a company - benefit in your daily work. Find out which coworking spaces are part of the Fintech Ecosystem in Hamburg.
Companies offering smart solutions for business loans and other forms of corporate financing are featured in this category.
Fintechs in the crowdfunding space are featured in this category; currently, all of the companies listed here are in the real-estate crowdfunding space.
This category is about organisers and their events on banking and fintech as well as related areas such as blockchain.
Various companies in Hamburg's Fintech Ecosystem deal with innovation in the financial world. Often - but not always - these innovation labs come from the corporate context. Find out more.
Companies featured in the insurance category are developing smart solutions for insurance, a sector which has thus far been characterised by inaccessibility.
Which Hamburg blogs or magazines deal with the topic Fintech? This is what the category "Media" in the Ecosystem Monitor is all about.
Fintechs offering digital payment solutions which make everyday payment processes easier and better are featured in this category.
In the category "Research" you will find all companies in Hamburg that are committed to research in the field of Fintech including related areas such as Blockchain.
This category features Fintechs tackling savings issues and making it easier for their users to conserve and increase the value of their savings.
This final category brings together all the Hamburg Fintechs working on innovative ways of financing trade.

Where Hamburg’s Fintechs have their offices