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FinTech Hamburg is a community initiative started by the not-for-profit Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V.. Its aim is to provide a forum for exchange open to all FinTechs and established financials, as well as to everyone interested in Hamburg as a location for digital finance technology: finanFFce industry workers, journalists and bloggers, students, and the general public. The Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. association already has 120 members from all areas of the (digital) financial sector in northern Germany, including a range of FinTechs. The aim of FinTech Hamburg is to network and strengthen Hamburg as a finance industry location and to increase its innovative potential. Hamburg is, after all, not just one of Germany’s oldest banking cities, but one of its most innovative financial economies, and offers high quality of life and a compact centre, as well as an attractive mix of cosmopolitan openness and traditional Hanseatic virtues such as reliability and commitment. Join our network: we’re stronger together.

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