Who we are and what we do

FinTech Hamburg is a community initiative started by the not-for-profit Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V.. Its aim is to provide a forum for exchange open to all FinTechs and established financials, as well as to everyone interested in Hamburg as a location for digital finance technology: finanFFce industry workers, journalists and bloggers, students, and the general public. The Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. association already has 120 members from all areas of the (digital) financial sector in northern Germany, including a range of FinTechs. The aim of FinTech Hamburg is to network and strengthen Hamburg as a finance industry location and to increase its innovative potential. Hamburg is, after all, not just one of Germany’s oldest banking cities, but one of its most innovative financial economies, and offers high quality of life and a compact centre, as well as an attractive mix of cosmopolitan openness and traditional Hanseatic virtues such as reliability and commitment. Join our network: we’re stronger together.

The three planks of our vision

Hamburg is one of the most attractive locations for FinTech companies in the German

market. We want to develop and strengthen this position.

More innovation

We think that financial services should continue to be improved with innovative technological solutions. Our city is already home to several leading providers of digital finance technology and we want to make Hamburg into a hub for further innovation.

More community

Fintech Hamburg is a platform for people working in finance, for people with new ideas and for proven experts alike. Our goal is to create a friendly, cohesive community which offers the most inspirational exchanges and strongest synergies in Germany.

More growth

We hope that this constructive, cooperative approach will make Hamburg an attractive location across Germany. Functioning as an anchor for new start-ups and entrepreneurs and contributing to growth in Hamburg’s finance sector.

Join us now and offer your support.

You don’t need to be a member of the Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. to take part. Just share your ideas and thoughts with us; come to one of our events or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Simply write to us and you’ll become a part of the network.

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The team behind FinTech Hamburg

Who we are, what we do, and where you can find us.