Fintech Hamburg

Stronger together

We bring all of Hamburg’s Fintechs together in one place, concentrating their skills and knowledge to create synergies and build a regional powerhouse. Find out more about the advantages of joining Fintech Hamburg.

A community creating value

Enriching exchanges

Open to everyone interested in the city’s digital finance scene, Fintech Hamburg is the platform bringing together start-ups and established businesses in the finance industry.

Strong synergies

Fintech Hamburg is about doing things for and with, not against one another. Because we’re stronger together. Join us: the more, the merrier!

Enticing environment

Hamburg is a financial centre – and a Fintech centre. Fintech Hamburg aims to strengthen this city’s existing business environment and make it even more attractive going forward.

Join us and support the initiative.

We want Fintech Hamburg to become the forum in which all Fintechs, established companies in the finance industry, and everyone interested in the scene enters into dialogue. The idea is to create a network in which everyone can help everyone. If that sounds like something you want to be involved in, then all you need to do is contact us or come to one of our events.

Yes, it really is that easy. You don’t need to be a member of Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V., the not-for-profit umbrella organisation for the finance industry in Hamburg, to join in.

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More about the benefits of Fintech Hamburg

There are (at least) six good reasons to join Fintech Hamburg,

Industry node

Interesting discussions, new contacts, business partnerships: everything is possible.

Experts and backers

Everyone in the network can put their strengths at the disposal of other members.

Business events

We stage regular Fintech events: see, be seen, meet other people in the space.

Newsletter access

Our newsletter is just the right environment for interesting updates from your organisation.

Website directory

We feature every company which registers with us in our industry directory.

Network growth

Be part of a network which we are dedicated to expanding.




Ecosystem Players




People employed in the finance industry

An overview of Hamburg Fintechs

Fintech Monitor July 2019

Find out more about the city’s Fintechs

In our Fintech monitor, we feature every company in the city’s digital finance industry with a detailed profile.

  • Alle
  • Analytics & Research
  • Assistants & Self-Service
  • Banking
  • Collection
  • Comparison Sites
  • Credit & Factoring
  • Crowd Investing
  • Crypto Trading
  • Insurance
  • Legal Tech
  • Payments
  • Savings
  • Trade Finance

Meet the team behind Fintech Hamburg

Find out who we are, what we do, and how to contact us.