You have opened an office and now Hamburg is the city on your company’s business card.
To this we say: Welcome to Hamburg! Perhaps the first employees have already been acquired, and now you are faced with the challenge of gaining further ground in the German market and making contacts.

Network &

You have successfully settled in Hamburg. Now it is time to make yourself at home. Networking will certainly be important for you in the coming period.

The Hamburg fintech scene is small, but well-networked. For network formats such as the Fintech Lounge, the FinTech Meetup or 12min.Fin, the scene comes together regularly and informally. In addition, Fintech Week has developed into an annual get-together of the scene. Our event calendar provides an overview of this. As a financial center, Hamburg builds bridges to the established financial sector. The initiative, led by local financial players, focuses on the well-being of Hamburg’s entire financial sector and is the central network of the industry.


In addition, the issue of employee acquisition should now become a relevant topic. As a trading and media city, Hamburg has always been well equipped with specialists in sales and marketing as well as in gaming. On the pages of the employment agency, companies can report personnel requirements free of charge. The urban portal Yojo (Young Jobs) is aimed young people on the threshold of starting their professional careers. Companies’ postings can be accessed there for free.

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