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Thanks to its compact size, the Hamburg Fintech scene is tightly networked. Regular formats such as the Fintech Lounge, the FinTech-Meetup, and Finance meets Tech offer plenty of opportunities for informal exchanges; then there is the annual Fintech Week which brings the whole industry together. Our events calendar provides an overview of what is going on. Meanwhile, the Finanzplatz Hamburg initiative run by participants in the city’s finance industry strengthens ties between Fintechs and the established finance industry, putting the development of Hamburg as a place to do all kinds of financial business at the top of its agenda and bringing together the entire sector.

Suitable office space

The nucleus of Hamburg’s finance industry is its central business district around the old Stock Exchange; find out more about where in the city Fintechs are based in the Fintech Monitor. Overall, Hamburg has an eminently walkable centre and a good public transport network which keeps journey times within the city down. It also offers a range of co-working spaces catering to all sorts of requirements and opening up possibilities for fast upscaling; there is even a facility specialised in supporting Fintechs, Finhaven. Companies looking to rent their own offices should start by contacting the Hamburg Invest Commercial Lettings Service.

The right people

As a trading city with a strong media profile, Hamburg has no shortage of professional sales and marketing people; it has also developed a lively gaming scene. Companies can list vacancies on Jobbörse, the web-based service run by the state employment agency Arbeitsagentur, or on the Hamburg-specific Yojo (Young Jobs) portal for young people coming into the labour market.

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