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Die Hamburger Fintech-Szene ist klein, aber gut vernetzt. Bei Netzwerk-Formaten wie der Fintech-Lounge, dem FinTech-Meetup oder Finance meets Tech kommt die Szene regelmäßig und informell zusammen. Darüber hinaus hat sich die Fintech Week zu einem jährlichen Get-Together der Szene entwickelt. Einen Überblick darüber bietet unser Veranstaltungskalender. Brücken zur etablierten Finanzbranche schlägt der Finanzplatz Hamburg. Die durch hiesige Finanzakteure geführte Initiative hat das Wohlergehen der gesamten Finanzwirtschaft Hamburgs im Blick und ist das zentrale Netzwerk der Branche.

Suitable Premises

The spatial nucleus of the established financial industry is the city, centered around the old stock exchange building. The Fintech Monitor provides an overview of the spatial distribution of Hamburg’s fintechs. The city is generally characterized by short distances and offers an excellent network of public transport, so that distances within the city can usually be bridged in a relatively short time. A variety of co-working spaces for a wide variety of requirements opens up the possibility for a quick start with the option to scale up if needed. With Finhaven, there is one option that is especially aimed at fintechs. Hamburg Invest’s commercial real estate service is the first point of contact for location and property searches.

Professionals /

As a trading and media city, Hamburg has always been well equipped with specialists in sales and marketing as well as in gaming. On the pages of the employment agency, companies can report personnel requirements free of charge. The urban portal Yojo (Young Jobs) is aimed young people on the threshold of starting their professional careers. Companies’ postings can be accessed there for free.

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